Adol Christin

The main protagonist of the Ys series. Known to many as a master swordsman, people often call him "Adol the Red" because of his red hair. He is a Dragon Warrior, and is the only person who has ever stopped the Rite of Destruction, a ritual that would have ended the world.

A man of very few words, he expresses himself with his will to work, fight, and help others. A master swordsman, he wields swords that can be bought and forged throughout the whole Ys 7 world. In combat, he can wield three types of swords: a slash-type that deals extra damage to soft enemies, a heavy, strike-type sword that deals extra damage to armored enemies, and a pierce-type sword effective against flying opponents. Throughout the game, he cannot be switched out of the party as he is the party leader. Throughout his adventure, will encounter more allies. Dogi says he is unlucky in boats and always ends up in trouble while he seeks out adventures.

Adol boss

Sample gameplay

Adol in intro

Adol as he appears in the game intro